Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Stephen Hawking Opines on Existence of Heaven (Yawn)

Stephen Hawking may be a great physicist, but he's also something of an ass.  He is always opining about philosophy and religion, areas of expertise completely beyond his education or understanding.  Earlier this month he opined that there is no afterlife, that the concept of heaven is "a fairy story for those afraid of the dark."

The Archdiocese of Washington takes Hawking to task, stating (accurately) that Hawking's opinion on philosophy is no more authoritative than the opinion of any average person on the street.  The Archdiocese also states that Hawking's beliefs about the universe are largely based on faith, not science, and he's right.  That's why theoretical physicists like Hawking like to discuss unproven concepts like string theory, parallel universes, worm holes and the like.

A few months ago, the huge, glowing, pulsating brain named Hawking revealed that the universe created itself from nothing.  When people stopped laughing, they were too exhausted from mirth to ask if Hawking had a mathematical formula that proves this.  Perhaps:  zero = 100 billion quadrillion.

Perhaps Hawking's next great physics theory will be 2 + 2 = banana.

There you have it, folks, faith-based physics.


Bartender Cabbie said...

While there have been great advances in science in the past century it reasons that in the next century Hawking will likely be revealed as just another scientist who was only partially right (if that) about anything.

Guess he doesn't watch "Ghost Hunters."

Stogie said...

BC, well said.