Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Why Israel Must Retain Defensible Borders

A couple of must-reads on Israel today:

Adrienne's Corner has a great video explaining Israel's defensible borders and why they must be retained.  See it here.

Robert Ringer has an excellent article on the history of the Israeli-Arab conflict, The Truth About the Israeli "Occupiers."  Read it here.

My opinion on Israel's future:

1.  Israel should reclaim control of the Gaza Strip and open the area to Israeli settlements.
2.  Israel should proclaim that all of its ancestral lands are under control of Israel and will remain so.
3.  Israel should remove the Muslim "Dome of the Rock" and rebuild the Jewish temple on its original site.  The Dome of the Rock could be moved elsewhere, out of Israel.
4.  Israel should expand its borders beyond its ancestral ones to include a broader defensive zone, incorporating parts of Syria, Jordan and Egypt.  The so-called "Palestinians" could be moved into these areas, thus creating their desired homeland, and getting the bomb-throwing cutthroats out of Israel. 
This should be planned for the next Arabic invasion, not implemented immediately.  (Whenever Israel is attacked, the price will be more Arabic land appropriated by Israel.)
5.  Israelis should start a Jewish educational outreach and missionary program, to open the religion to many more people, thereby increasing the numbers of Jews in the world, and more defenders of Israel.

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