Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Osama Death Story Keeps Changing, and Not For the Better

At first we heard that Osama Bin Laden was shooting at our commandos when they returned fire, killing him.  Osama was said to have used one of his wives as a human shield and she was killed in the "fire fight."

Now we hear that Osama was unarmed and that no bullets were fired from the mansion, that there was no return fire from Osama, his guards or his family.

Osama's 12 year old daughter, who was present with Osama when he was shot, says her father was taken into custody by the commandos, then promptly shot dead.  He was not resisting his arrest.  (See story here.)

Of course, Pakistani sources should be taken with a grain of salt, since they want to spin the story in a way that will maximize Islamic resentment.

Whatever happened, I'm glad Bin Laden is dead, but I think it would have been more effective had he been taken alive and placed in a U.S. prison to await trial by military commission and execution.


bro said...

That scum didn't deserve a trial, the people in the towers didn't get one.

Stogie said...

Bro, you are correct. However, I was referring to the propaganda value of holding the SOB prisoner and at our mercy.

Anonymous said...

He actually did deserve a trial seeing as how the only reason we think he did it is because we were told so. No evidence has ever been offered up ever. Only a brainwashed fool would kill someone over here-say. The story of the killing keeps changing because its a fake story. And if you think you are showing patriotism by saying things like "Osama did not deserve a trial", you arn't. You are merely showing how brainwashed you are. How you believe what authority tells you without researching or questioning. That will be the downfall of the USA, not the Aquida or Talaban.

Stogie said...

Actually, he did do it, and as an enemy combatant of the USA, he deserved no trial. You are the brainwashed fool.

bro said...

Yeah sit on it you jerk. The SOB bragged that he did it