Saturday, May 28, 2011

Suspended Soquel High Student David Mine Speaks Out (Video)

David Mine, an Asian descent student at Soquel High, was suspended for being a member of a "White Supremacy" group of students. He states that he wore a white t shirt last week for the school's group picture, but that his shirt was randomly selected and had nothing to do with expressing "white supremacy."

Further, it appears that some of the accused students were merely pranksters, occasionally shouting "White Power" as a joke that was taken way more seriously than was ever intended. Now they have been indelibly linked to "racism" and "white supremacy" on the internet which could destroy their reputations, job prospects and acceptance at universities. Even so, David Mine was not part of these ill-advised jokes. He and his lawyer speak out in the video embedded below the fold (click on "read more").


peterj said...

Even if , and that's a big if, a group chose to march in a white pride parade , how is this any different than a gay pride parade or a black pride parade ?.
The logic defies me.

Stogie said...

Peter, you are absolutely correct. "White pride" is considered always "racist," where as black pride or brown pride or gay pride is always considered healthy and wonderful.

It is all part of an orchestrated effort to demoralize the white majority so they will be less resistant to socialist goals.

christian soldier said...

David and his family are standing up -and - it looks like a law suit is in the offing- Yeh!
enough PC from our schools-
Reading-Writing-Arithmetic -then the arts and sciences-

keep us posted as to the out-come-OK

Stogie said...

CS, will do.

Anonymous said...

This story is not about "white pride" as much as it seems. The angle that David's lawyer is taking is that David was not given his Due Process.

The school reduced his suspension from 4 days to 2 days, "time served." This is not enough for our family. Davids name needs to be cleared. We have asked for his record to be cleared of this issue, and a formal apology given. The school has refused to do as much thus far.

Stogie said...

Anonymous, understood. Any doubt should be resolved in David's favor.

Anonymous said...

David and his lawyer will not rest until he is cleared.

Thank you for your support.

Stogie said...

Anonymous, thank you for keeping us informed as to David's progress in his just fight to clear his name.

Stogie said...

Anonymous, I too am married to an Asian and have an Amerasian son, who is dating a young Korean woman. I also have two Korean grandchildren, who were adopted. They are crazy about me and the feeling is mutual!

Anonymous said...

Justice will be served one way or another.

I am sure the admin has seen the errors of their ways but are just too egotistical to admit they made the mistake.

But they need to realize that this is an inncent students life they are treating like its no big deal.