Saturday, May 07, 2011

Hollyweird: Celebrating the Gay Lifestyle (the World is Gay, Gay, Gay, Gay, Gay!)

I have made it clear that I am tolerant of gays.  I neither attack gays nor support them in their lifestyle.  However, I am sick to death of Hollywood's massive campaign to normalize homosexuality.  Tolerance is one thing, celebration is something else entirely.

Last night I saw an episode of "Gray's Anatomy" playing on our television set, that my wife had left on.  In it the two major characters of the serial were getting married and exchanging vows.  No problem there.  Simultaneously, however, two lesbian characters were getting married and exchanging vows.  Previously in this serial, both of these women were heterosexual (one was portrayed as being married to a man).  However, the local GLAAD representative must have called, because both women became lovers (of each other).

I stopped watching "Gray's Anatomy" when that happened.  I no longer felt comfortable being a target of leftist propaganda, i.e. that the whole world is gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, and that we should present it, portray it and celebrate it as if it were as normal, as widespread and as beautiful as wildflowers in Spring.

I stopped watching "Glee" for the same reason.  I could tolerate, even sympathize with one gay character and his problems, but then other members of the cast started being portrayed as gay, too.  My tolerance was breached when one scene depicted two gay guys enjoying a romantic kiss on the lips.  Barf.  I decided that "Glee" should be renamed "Gleefully Gay."  It was no longer for me.

Hollyweird should use gay characters when and if they are relevant to the plot.  However, putting whole squads of gays into a medieval catapult and firing them straight at my face -- well, that's just too much.  No can stomach, Hollyweird.  The reason is simple:  the world is not gay, gay, gay, gay, gay.  It is mostly straight, and too much gayness makes us nauseous.


Adrienne said...

Have you ever read The Homosexual Agenda by AlanSears and Craig Osten? It will explain why this, and many other things, are going on.

Stogie said...

Adrienne, I haven't read that, but it sounds very interesting. I'll get it when I can.

michelle said...

My guilty pleasure has been watching "Celebrity Apprentice" this season.

In defending himself against Star Jones' faux indignation at his having called her "Sweetie," Meatloaf pled his case to Trump:

"Listen, Mr. Trump--if I feel really passionately about something or someone, it's not unusual for me to address a man or a woman as "Dear" so I meant no disrespect when I called Star 'Sweetie.' If we were in a conversation and I was really emotional about something, I might say 'Sweetie' to you."

Seizing upon this as a chance to make a joke, Trump responded with something like, "Hey I like you, Meatloaf; I really do, but I'm not your 'dear.' I mean, I'm not like that, you know?"

Then, maybe because he feared that he'd be thought to be homophobic with his "I'm not like that," he added strenously, "I mean, don't get me wrong--there's nothing wrong with being gay--in fact, I think homosexuality is really, really wonderful. I have many, many gay friends and I really think it's just wonderful; I really do."

And yes, he did say "it's wonderful," not "they're wonderful." Made me wonder if he had prayed before the birth of each of his children that at least one, maybe more, would be gay: "Please, Lord...could you make this one a homosexual? At least one of them? Please. I promise to be a good boy."

Talk about sycophantic, pandering speech (that, and Meatloaf isn't gay.)

Anyway, the pc bs around our daily lives is quite enough. I didn't need this. Trump looked like the idiot he always appears to be.

Remember the Valley Girl phrase, "Gag me with a spoon"? It's an apt phrase.

Stogie said...

Michelle, Trump is a liberal and not a conservative. Homosexuality isn't wonderful, although individual gays may (or may not) be great people. He has supported liberals and liberal causes in the past. He is nice entertainment, but he's not getting my vote.

Anonymous said...

Stogie, I know what Trump is--a self-promoter and no, he'd never get my vote either.

I just thought I'd share another war story about the "Wunnerful, wunnerful" gay, gay, gay.

Stogie said...

Michelle, thanks for sharing that info! We are in agreement.

Pastorius said...

My family enjoys watching Glee together on occasion, but I make sure to call it "a commercial for being gay" every time we turn it on. As in, "Hey, let's watch that commercial for being gay, you know, Glee."

That's how I teach my kids to understand they are being propagandized.

Stogie said...

Pas, your description of the show is quite accurate! :)