Saturday, January 14, 2012

Anti-Romney Film "King of Bain" Cited as False and Vicious

Newt Gingrich's nasty half-hour ad "The King of Bain" panning Romney is false, vicious and over the top. The Washington Post Fact-Checker agrees:
The 29-minute video “King of Bain” is such an over-the-top assault on former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney that it is hard to know where to begin. It uses evocative footage from distraught middle-class Americans who allege that Romney’s deal-making is responsible for their woes. It mixes images of closed factories and shuttered shops with video clips of Romney making him look foolish, vain or greedy. And it has a sneering voice-over that seeks to push every anti-Wall Street button possible.
The Fact-Checker then explains key facts in the video and why they are false, awarding this propaganda film "Four Pinocchios."

Read it all here.

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