Saturday, January 14, 2012

New England Patriots vs Denver Broncos: Rough Sledding for Tebow at the Half

I'm watching the Patriots - Broncos NFL playoff game.  At the half, the Patriots lead 35 to 7.  Tom Brady, the Patriots' quarterback, seems to throw touchdown strikes at will.  Clearly, the Patriots are the superior team.  It would be a miracle for the Broncos to come back, and I fear Tim Tebow has exhausted his store of miracles for this season.  Still, Tebow has had a great first year as a rookie quarterback in the National Football League.

On a more positive note, my favorite team, the San Francisco Forty-Niners beat the New Orleans Saints in a vigorous and rigorous close fight in San Francisco.  The Saints were down 17 points early in the game, but took the lead twice and were ahead by three points with seconds left to play in the final quarter.  The Niners, however, scored a 14 yard, passing play touchdown with seconds left to take the lead, winning the game by 36 to 32.


smitty1e said...

The first half is all I can stand.
I watched a game on Thanksgiving, ISTR.
Just can't take these lame games.

Stogie said...

Well the Niners-Saints game was very exciting, with the game decided only in the last few seconds.