Sunday, January 08, 2012

Face of the Sphinx - A Better Photoshop Reconstruction

A few months back I attempted a Photoshop reconstruction of the Sphinx.  It was mediocre.  Too much painting and not terribly realistic.  I now have Photoshop CS5, and it is a more powerful tool.  So I tried it again and the results are much better.  Here it is.  (Note to all school students, feel free to use for homework assignments.)

The Sphinx is around 4,500 years old, and may be in danger of extinction due to the Islamic fanatics now ruling Egypt.  It was Muslims who defaced the monument centuries ago, and there is talk now of blowing it up -- it is "pagan" and "idolatory" don't cha know.

I have often wondered what the Sphinx looked like 45 centuries back.  Maybe it looked something like this.


RSS Ronald Reagan said...

I hadn't heard about any talk of possibly blowing up the sphinx...but it makes sense. Those Afghan mountainside statues of the Buddha didn't survive too long once the Taliban took over, did they?

Stogie said...

RSS, you are correct. The new Egyptian leaders have also discussed covering the Sphinx and the pyramids in wax. That's a lot of wax.

Reality said...

Why did you use "white" euro-centric features? I hardly doubt it looked anything close to that.