Monday, January 09, 2012

Tim Tebow Shines as Broncos Defeat Heavily Favored Steelers in Overtime

Well that explains the huge hits on my blog yesterday.

Quarterback Tim Tebow led the Denver Broncos to a 29-23 overtime win against the Pittsburgh Steelers yesterday, throwing an 80 yard touchdown pass [video here] that won the game on the first play in overtime.  The Denver Post reports:
The sellout crowd of 75,970 at Sports Authority Field at Mile High erupted in celebration. Witnesses said that in Denver neighborhoods, delirious people were screaming from their balconies. Patrons at Denver-area bars were heard chanting, "Te-bow! Te-bow!"

Tebowmania is once again inflated. It was the Broncos' first playoff victory in six years.
 Well now, to all the suave liberal cool people who disdain Tebow's endzone prayer, I say "How do you like them apples?"

Read more about the victory here.

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pjm said...

That by far was Tebow's best showing... and quite impressive considering the last 3 games, and all the news this week. Denver came out during the week stating Brady Quinn would be put in if Tebow struggled, and possibly play most of the 3rd down passing plays.

I didn't watch how KC shut down the Denver Offense... but I assumed the teams figured out how to stop the Read Option. Clearly they didn't. It's a tough offense to defend... because there are 3 possibilities in the set... Tebow hand it to a RB going right, Tebow run himself to the left or right, or Tebow throws the pass. Essentially you now have an extra man... because the QB can run out of the formation. And at 240lbs, Tebow is a formidable runner. You could see that final play... Pitt was looking run all the way. And on multiple plays Harrison was frozen in one spot, as he was figuring out where it was going. Pitt's plan was to keep the Safties up.... shutting down the run options... but that leaves man on man coverage on the outside. And Tebow made the throws this week. 10 completions for over 300 yard... that's a crazy stat.

By NFL standards those were wide open Wide Receivers... and he hit them. That has been the problem in the past struggles... he didn't make the throws. The Bronco line did a great job, giving him the protection when needed... and with that much time there is no DB's playing man on man that can stay with a WR.

He proved himself as a leader this year, as well as in his College Career. The Broncos have realized lets play to his strength.... which he has also been vocal about. He is not a NFL style pocket passer, so you might as well change things up. And the Read Only out of the Spread is not a NFL style offense... but it's about keeping the Defense confused, and making the throws when they are there. If he can keep doing that he'll be dangerous.