Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Essence of Islam Revealed (by Lawrence Auster)

Lawrence Auster dissects leftist self-delusion by analyzing the many liberal excuses for Islamic violence. Here's one of his many essays on the subject that refute leftist apologia:


In a letter to the Lansing State Journal published on July 5, 2006, a Muslim living in East Lansing, Michigan states in clear, matter-of-fact language what he and other Muslims believe,—that the penalty for converting from Islam to another religion is death—and why they believe it. It is not because they personally choose to believe it. It is not because they are personally “extreme” or “fanatical.” It not because they are “alienated” by the experience of living as Muslims in the West. It is not because they have been goaded into anger by anti-Muslim bigotry. It is not because they have been seduced into extremism by extremist imams or Wahhabi mosques. It is not because they are crushed by Arab despots. It is not because they lack democracy and freedom. It is not because they have an inferiority complex about Muslims’ having being “left behind” by Western progress since the seventeenth century. It is not because of Israel’s “oppression” of the Palestinians or American support for Israel. It not because of American involvement in the Mideast or the American occupation of Iraq. And it not because of inadequate Western aid efforts to poor Muslim countries. They believe what they believe because it is what Islam requires them to believe. Once we realize this simple fact, any question of “extreme” versus “moderate” Islam comes to an end. All Muslims by virtue of being Muslims are members of an extremist, totalitarian religion. From this it follows that no believing Muslims (outside small numbers for diplomacy, trade, etc.) should be allowed to live in non-Muslim countries, let alone in a country founded on religious freedom.

Some may call my conclusion extreme. I call it a no-brainer.

Here is the letter:

Islam or death

I read Le Roy Barnett’s letter (“Muslims, speak up,” June 26) about Muslims’ opinion on Abdul Rahman’s [the Afghani man who had to leave Afghanistan in fear for his life] conversion to Christianity.

Islam is not only a religion, it is a complete way of life. Islam guides Muslims from birth to grave. The Quran and prophet Muhammad’s words and practical application of Quran in life cannot be changed.

Islam is a guide for humanity, for all times, until the day of judgment. It is forbidden in Islam to convert to any other religion. The penalty is death. There is no disagreement about it.

Islam is being embraced by people of other faiths all the time. They should know they can embrace Islam, but cannot get out. This rule is not made by Muslims; it is the supreme law of God.

Please do not ask us Muslims to pick some rules and disregard other rules. Muslims are supposed to embrace Islam in its totality.

Nazra Quraishi
East Lansing

Note, Auster has listed the various (and false) theories that explain away Islamic violence as caused by anything but Islam here:

Non-Islam Theories of Islamic Extremism

These are worth reading and consulting from time to time.

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Old Rebel said...

It's not just a "leftist self-delusion" that Islam is just another culture. George W. Bush called it a religion of peace. And Neocon William Kristol predicted the Shia and Sunni in Iraq were reasonable people who would get along just fine after Saddam.

And the Neocons justified the war in Iraq promising that liberal democracy would break out after Saddam was removed!