Saturday, January 14, 2012

Italian Luxury Liner Founders Off Italy; Giuliano Mignini Blames Satanic Cult

The Work of a Satanic Cult?
Satanic Cult Expert
Giuliano Mignini
The Italian cruise ship Costa Concordia scraped against rocks off the Italian coast and capsized after taking on water.  There were 4,000 passengers on board.  Several people are feared dead.

Famed Italian Prosecutor Giuliano Mignini immediately took a bus to the beach, where he declared the sinking to be the work of a Satanic Cult led by Mario Spezi and Amanda Knox.  He then began indicting everyone within reach for the crime, including tourists, the homeless, dogs and cats.  The offending rocks were too heavy to arrest, but were given a stern warning not to leave town.

Just kidding about that last paragraph.  So far anyway.

Read about the tragedy here.  No, the real story doesn't involve Mignini, thank goodness.

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Frankie Hellis said...

Fantastic sense of humor!