Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Stogie Bans Leftist Troll, Newt Crushes Juan Williams

My internet connection was down all day and just now came back up.  So I didn't get to share by deep and sagacious opinions with the world.

Yesterday, I received a rather insulting comment from a leftist troll, who calls herself Ema Nymton (so cute, her blog name is "Not My Name" spelled backwards, which is sort of how she thinks...backwards).  Ema never has a conversation or seriously considers facts that refute her leftwing views, or addresses counter arguments or engages anything resembling independent, rational thought.  She is merely a string puppet for communism, and an endless source of leftwing bumper-sticker slogans, relying on the same tired (and previously refuted) sound bites, over and over again.  I warned her not to use the term "Tea Bagger," yet she did so again, but that wasn't the worst of it.  She insinuated I was a Nazi for opposing Islamic violence and extremism.  So I banned her from further commenting on this blog.

If "Ema" shows up on your blog, don't bother trying to have a conversation with her.  Her only purpose is to mouth memorized slogans and insult conservatives.  Just delete her comments -- don't feed this obnoxious troll.

I was sorry to have missed Newt's home run at the South Carolina debate, wherein he crushed Juan Williams' asinine attempt to play the race card, obtaining a standing ovation in the process.  Newt is smart, there is no doubt, and in this exchange he revealed what might have been had he more control over his passionate emotions.  Rush was very pleased with Newt's performance.  Read "Newt's Grand Slam" to get the details.

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