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Roosevelt University's Experiment in Stalinism: the Ordeal of Professor Robert Klein Engler

From Kathy Shaidle today, there is news of a Stalinist Resurgence in both America and Canada.

The American resurgence features lefty Roosevelt University in Chicago.  Perhaps Roosevelt is not a Marxist think-tank, but if it isn't, you could have fooled me.  Roosevelt recently fired one of its professors, Robert Klein Engler, for telling a joke in class. The joke was relevant to the class discussion and was told to make a point.  Here's the joke that ended Engler's employment (and possibly his entire career):
A group of sociologists did a poll in Arizona regarding the state’s new immigration law. Sixty percent said they were in favor, and 40 percent said, ‘No hablo Ingles.’
One student complained to the Roosevelt administrators, and Engler was formally accused of "harassment."  The administrators of Karl Marx Roosevelt University informed Engler that he was being investigated for harassment, but never told him why or provided any facts to allow him to defend himself.  He was then fired for refusing to cooperate with the investigation.  Engler writes of his frustration with the unexplained charges and reason for his firing:
For months I practically begged Roosevelt University officials to provide me with at least some clue as to the nature of the “harassment complaint” lodged against me. I couldn’t imagine what it might be, but thought I at least had a right to know what someone was alleging.

But for months the University ignored my pleas.

On August 6, 2010, Mr. Maly notified me by e-mail that I was fired from the University. He claimed I wasn’t cooperating with an investigation. This was beyond absurd. For months the University stonewalled my attempts to learn even the most basic details of the allegation against me.
Engler then hired a lawyer and has filed suit against Roosevelt University.  It was only then, two months later, that he learned the reason for the University's action against him.  Professor Robert Engler has a blog here, giving the details of his experience.

Engler should discover the name of the student who filed the complaint and sue him too.  Ruin the little stooge's life, as only a lawsuit can do.  Accuse him of libel and a violation of Engler's "human rights."  Make an example of him for the rest of the Marxist marinated puppets who pose as college students in America today.  UPDATE:  The student has identified herself.  She is quoted in the Roosevelt Torch:
Cristina Solis, a student in the class, filed a written complaint with department chair Michael Maly after Engler told a joke in class that she found to be highly offensive. The joke pertained to non-English speakers in Arizona. Solis thinks that the professor's termination was fair, and says if she had known that the professor would be fired as a result of her complaint, it would not have affected her decision.
No doubt Solis treasures her power to end careers, tarnish reputations and ruin lives.  Power can be so addictive and satisfying.  She has leftism to thank for this, and the left's firm control of the university.  Heady stuff, hey Cristina?    I wonder how Solis would feel about becoming a defendant in a lawsuit for defamation?  Let's hope she finds out.

Mark Steyn writes more about this Stalinist travesty here.  He also discusses a similar travesty in Canada regarding a stand up comic, Guy Earle.  Canada has taken a sharp turn towards totalitarianism in making free speech illegal in Canada -- illegal, that is, if it hurts the feelings or offends any member of a leftist-anointed, specially protected group -- like Muslims, gays, feminists, "transgendered" kooks and other assorted leftists.  Canada's Stalinist law is onerous in that one's life can be ruined by an innocent remark, dragged through a special Canadian court, and heavily fined.

Guy Earle came under the authority of this kangaroo court when he was harrassed by a couple of drunken lesbians during a stand up comic routine at a club.  Earle answered the drunks and, in the process, offended them.  They filed charges, alleging "homophobic remarks" and now Earle's career has come to a halt.  No one will hire him, fearing trouble by the Stalinist "Human  Rights" Court of Canada.  Earle feels that his life has been irreparably damaged and he awaits his trial in a state of deep depression.  Steyn gives more details of this travesty at his website here.

The Left's control of the university in America, and of free speech in Canada, is a preview of what's to come in our federal government of the future.  And it isn't pretty.

Hat tip:  Five Feet of Fury

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Old Rebel said...

It's both amazing and comical how the left, which pretends to be so "open minded" and "tolerant" and supportive of "free speech" can be so dictatorial when it gets real power.