Thursday, January 12, 2012

Newt Gingrich is Toast: Uses Far-Left Propaganda to Attack Romney

Newt Gingrich is despicable, an unprincipled, failed politician whose latest desperation measures prove that he is no Republican and has lost all credibility as such.  Gingrich has released a Michael Moore type video attacking Romney over Bain Capital -- a company hired by corporations to turn around or liquidate unprofitable operations.  Yes, when you liquidate unprofitable companies, you have to lay people off.  It is this "creative destruction" that frees capital and labor from unproductive pursuits and makes them available for better uses.

Rick Perry has joined Gingrich's anti-capitalist attacks on Romney, and Perry is all through too.  The Other McCain has a post explaining Gingrich's errors, and also has embedded Gingrich's propaganda film against Romney.  See it here.  Stacy McCain wrote:
Newt Gingrich’s “super PAC” has unleashed its 27-minute documentary about Bain Capital, When Mitt Romney Came to Town, which a Daily Kos blogger calls a ”hit job” that ”you’d expect from a lefty operation.” It’s as if Newt hired Michael Moore. Avowed lefty Steve Benen calls it “devastating.”

Desperate to gain some traction in South Carolina, Rick Perry has joined in on this weird left-wing beatdown of Romney. The fact that the latest South Carolina poll shows him in sixth place — behind Jon Huntsman, in what was supposed to be Perry’s “firewall” state – perhaps explains Perry’s willingness to engage in an “Occupy”-style attack on free-market capitalism.
The only Republican candidate with any principles in this fight is Rick Santorum, who has distanced himself from Gingrich's destructive propaganda.   I would gladly vote for Rick Santorum, but if Mitt Romney is the candidate selected, I will support him.  I will never again support Newt Gingrich, and I originally preferred him to Romney (and said so).

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Ben L. Kemer said...

Yeah, that's about it for Gingrich. He sounds like a great guy from his own mouth, until he gets into real political debates and loses his cool. As for this point, I figure that Gingrich should bring out a candidate, and whomever brings out the best from the end of the Primaries has my vote, I will agree, Santorum doesn't seem too bad, and I will keep him on my list for future reference, especially with not going along on the Gingrich bandwagon.