Saturday, January 14, 2012

Tim Tebow Runs Out of Miracles; Broncos Lose in 45 - 10 Blow Out

The New England Patriots made the Denver Broncos look ridiculous in a 45 - 10 blowout, ending the season for the Broncos tonight.  The Broncos' offensive line looked like wet tissue paper in front of a charging herd of buffaloes as the Patriots ran through them like they weren't even there.

Now I know why Tebow prays between plays.  With such a porous line for protection, I'd be praying too.

Tom Brady is one hot quarterback, throwing six touchdowns in a post-season game to tie an NFL record.  The Patriots looked so strong that I would bet on them to win the Super Bowl, if I were a betting man.

Good luck to Tim Tebow, who had a great first year in professional football.  If he can persuade the Broncos owners to hire a front line, that team should do well in future games.

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