Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Newt Gingrich's Nasty Temper Disqualifies Him as a Presidential Candidate

Newt Gingrich is mightily pissed off.  His star was rising in Iowa and he was the front runnner.  Then Mitt Romney ran negative ads about Newt and the latter's poll numbers plunged.  Now Newt wants revenge and has adopted the language of the left in pursuit of a scorched-earth policy against Romney.  Howie Carr of the Boston Herald (hat tip VFR) has called Gingrich a "suicide bomber" and a "kamikaze."  The description is apt:  Gingrich wants to destroy his enemies even if he must destroy himself in the process.  Carr writes:
When Newt got into the fight last year, many suspected he wasn’t really a serious candidate, that he was just trying to freshen up the aging Newt “brand,” to jack up his speaking fees. I guess not. The Club for Growth called his comments about Mitt “disgusting.”   The only group that might want him as a speaker now is the Occupy Wall Street Alumni Association.
It is becoming clear that Gingrich cannot win the Republican nomination for president.  But if he can't have it, nobody can.  Rush believes that Gingrich is solely focused on revenge, and like an angry bull he doesn't care what damage he inflicts on capitalism or the Republican party.  With Gingrich, it is now personal, and Romney must pay.

Read "Gingrich Goes Perot on Romney."

Newt has shown that it's all about him -- and that he doesn't have the thick skin or temperament it takes to be President of the United States.  


The Griper said...

"Newt has shown that it's all about him..."

that is true about any and every politician, Stogie, not just Newt.

and i wouldn't mind seeing a man with that type of temperment in the oval office. our enemies might think twice about what to expect from us.

pjm said...

Interesting comments on Perot.

He was ahead in the polls during the summer of 92 .... and then he took his foot off the peddle. (Supposedly his campaign organization began falling apart, as he wanted it done his way). He announced he was going to leave the race.... skeletons in the closet, family?... never really came out why. He eventually claimed Bush was going to release photos to sabotage his Daughters wedding.

But that is when I knew he really didn't want to win the election. I thought he wanted to get his message out there.. but knew he was not a politician and would never survive in Washington. But at the same time... he always seemed to attack Bush more than Clinton.. and really saved Clinton when Bill was going through the initial womanizing issue, allowing time for Clinton to regroup.

In the 70's Perot sent a special mission into Iran to free two of his company's employees that were being held captive. There was a movie made out of it. He really felt that there were POW's in Vietnam... and he was involved in discussions with Vietnamese officials... outside of the scope of Reagan/Bush. This created problems when discovered. He also was very outspoken about the Persian Gulf War.

The MIA/POW connection has been talked about for years... and it's always stated that Perot was the one fighting for investigations... and he couldn't get help from the administration.

There is no doubt he held a grudge against Bush Sr. I think it's two powerful Texans that crossed paths many times; and Perot didn't like Bush. He didn't respect him, and I agree with Rush -- it was his mission to deny Bush Sr. the election. But to say it came from being slighted in the one situation is meant to color Perot as petty for the sake of his conclusion.

When Gingrich was gaining momentum during the Iowa debates he was playing fair. He was the only one not attacking Romney. Then Romney (super Pacs) came into town with huge TV buys and crushed him with negatives. 45% of the TV ads in Iowa were anti-Gingrich. (10% were pro-Romney) Gingrich is pissed, and my Irish Temper understands why. Yes it's about the Party... but I never gained the respect back for McCain after Rove & Bush spread the ugly lies about him in the 2000 Primary, and then McCain got onstage and acted like it never happened.

If you are going to win, then win on why you are the best candidate.... not by spreading this negative crap about your opponent. (especially when you are of the same party). Romney is the "chosen" one in the eyes of the Republican power brokers... and Gingrich is quite envious.... and now he is pissed.

I don't know enough about Bain Capital... but having worked in the Finance World since the 90's... I feel you can be a strong believer in Capitalism and Free Markets, while understanding some firms give the rest of us bad names by their practices. That is not making a judgement on Bain... only saying an attack on Bain is not necessarily an attack on Capitalism.

That being said, Romney is a very bright guy, and it will be nice to see a candidate that actually understand finance. Say what you want to say about Obama, but he is a formidable candidate... and Romney is the guy with the best shot to beat him.

Sorry this so long.

pjm said...


Man that Romney is a pompous ass!

Now let's look at the complete quote...

“I want individuals to have their own insurance that means the insurance company will have an incentive to keep you healthy. It also means if you don’t like what they do you can fire them. I like being able to fire people who provide services to me.


And we have 10 more months of this garbage!