Saturday, October 27, 2012

A Very Short But Accurate Description of the Benghazi Affair

We've all heard of the attack on our embassy in Benghazi, Libya.  What happened, and what is the controversy all about?  Here it is in eight simple steps.

1.  Islamic extremists plotted to attack our embassy in Benghazi on September 11, 2012, the anniversary of Bin Laden's attack on New York in 2001.

2.  The terrorists attacked, killing our defenseless ambassador and two Navy Seals who tried to protect him.  During the attack, the Embassy personnel requested military assistance from the Obama administration, who refused the request.  Reasons for the refusal are unknown, but may be due to (1) gross incompetence of the Obama team, or (2) due to political considerations, e.g., if the military went in to save the embassy, it might make the "Arab Spring" and Obama's support of it look bad.  CIA ordered the Navy Seals to "stand down" during the attack and do nothing to assist the embassy.  They disobeyed orders and were killed defending it.

3.  After the embassy was burned to the ground and our ambassador murdered, Obama realized that the situation would make him look bad in an election year.  Somehow he had to hide his lack of foresight, lack of precaution, his gross negligence in refusing greater security and military assistance that the embassy had asked for.

4.  Obama decided to hide his culpability for our embassy dead by pretending that the onslaught was a spontaneous protest against an anti-Islam video on YouTube.  Now this is something he could not foresee or be blamed for; it deflected public attention away from Obama's security blunders, and gave him a plausible excuse for avoiding blame.

5.  Obama, with the help of Hillary Clinton, spreads the "spontaneous video protest" meme far and wide, even to the United Nations.

6.  Finally, CIA and other security personnel come forth to say that the attack was a planned act of terror, and had nothing to do with the YouTube video.  Emails are presented, proving that Obama knew the nature of the attack within a half hour of its beginning.

7.  Much of the public now realizes that the embassy attack happened due to the gross negligence of Barack Obama, and that he lied and attempted to cover up the real facts to protect his political hide.

8.  Final step, yet to happen:  On November 6, the American electorate kicks the lying cover-up king out on his butt, in part because of the Benghazi controversy.

Udate:  Lawrence Auster has a similar timeline that is worth your attention, here.


Always On Watch said...

Much of the public does recognize the scummy truth. But those watching only the broadcast mainstream media and reading only the WaPo and like publications have no clue as to the scummy truth. It is a tragic fact that many voters never venture beyond the superficial when it comes to vetting a political candidate.

In my view, the Obama regime committed high treason in Benghazi-gate.

There is also a lot of early voting going on. These voters may not be able to acquire the information that they need so as to make a conscientious decision.

LD Jackson said...

I am hoping the conservative turnout on November 6 is much higher than previous estimates. Enough of us may be so sick and tired of this administration, up to and including what happened in Libya, that our moral outrage gets the better of us and we turn out in record numbers. Sad thing is, had we paid attention in 2008, we wouldn't have had this mess to deal with. Far too many of us stayed home then, just because we didn't like McCain. If we do that this year, we are toast.

Stogie Chomper said...

LD, good points. Those who don't vote, or vote for the Libertarian candidate, are actually voting for Obama.

Stogie Chomper said...

AOW, and that's why they are allowed early voting -- so they will vote with even less information, without the debates, etc -- a good Democrat is an uninformed Democrat.