Sunday, October 07, 2012

Las Vegas Review-Journal Endorses Romney for President

Nevada is one of the worst economic basket cases in the nation, jobs-wise.  Their unemployment rate is second to none.  Yet they voted to reelect the Vampire Jobs Killer, Senator Harry "Sourpuss" Reid.

However, the folks at Nevada's leading newspaper have decided enough is enough.  In an editorial today, they note that Romney is the "turn-around expert" the nation needs, and indeed they are right.  Romney has had a long career of turning around failing companies, making them profitable while saving or creating jobs and wealth.  He did the same thing for the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, Utah.   There is little doubt that his leadership and management skills are exactly what our sick economy needs.  The choice is between a business-savvy, proven leader or a rigid, failed leftwing ideologue.  The Review-Journal editorial notes:
Mr. Romney, however, is a Republican who was elected governor of heavily Democratic Massachusetts. He had to work with Democrats to get things done. His leadership and ability to bring people together saved the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics. As a businessman, his management skills turned failing companies into profitable ones. Mr. Romney vows to do that, again, in Washington
The editorial also tells why Obama is not the man for the job:
The suggestion that tax increases and higher energy prices will lift the middle class defies logic. But it's not terribly surprising coming from an administration that's completely lacking in business experience and openly hostile to free-market capitalism. This summer, the president famously said "the private sector is doing fine," and to business owners: "You didn't build that."
It's a no-brainer.  Obama's reelection will mean continuing low employment, high energy costs, and a lowered standard of living for all.  There is a reason for why Obama and the far left want these effects:  it is because a lowered standard of living and soaring energy prices will greatly reduce our "carbon footprint," thus satisfying a key Democrat constituency, the environmentalists.  It is the latter who believe in the global warming myth and the necessity of making the world a pristine paradise...for squirrels, but not for people.  Whatever human suffering is needed to achieve those goals, well, that's just fine with them.

Read the Review-Journal's endorsement here....and Vote Romney-Ryan November 6.

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