Sunday, October 21, 2012

Personal Stuff: High School Reunion; Son's New Puppy

Last night wifey and I attended my high school reunion, Class of 1962.  You do the math.  A band comprised of some musician friends of mine played rock, and did very well (and got paid).  I danced until my legs were falling off.  Funny, after fifty years all the cliques and social strata of high school have melded into one big group of equals.  There are no longer any homecoming queens or football heroes, just one big crowd of fat people with white hair (or no hair).  Everyone was nice.  I had the youngest looking and cutest wife there; no brag, just fact.  I wore a tan suit that fit perfectly, thanks to my recent weight loss efforts.

At dinner I was seated next to "Wolfie," a man with cerebral palsy who was also afflicted with such in high school.  He asked me to cut his salad and his meat for him, as he only has one operable hand.  Glad to do it.


On the political front, the Real Clear Politics polls are again at a dead heat for Romney vs Obama.  Hard to believe that anyone but a small cadre of socialist-fanatics are voting for Obama.  I will be so glad when the election is over and we can all turn to other things.  On November 7, we will finally know if the polls were right and the lay of the political landscape.  Do we keep America or do we lose it to the forces of "progressivisim"?

I notice a couple more newspapers endorsed Romney today.

My eldest son and my youngest son are both here for the weekend, the latter showing off his new Pomeranian puppy.  Bogie, my dog, absolutely loves her and the feeling seems mutual as they joyously chase each other around the backyard.  Missy the cat is still surveying the situation from underneath the safety of the dining room table.

My persimmon tree is loaded with fruit.  Wifey has started picking the ripest ones.  The aroma of bacon wafts from the kitchen and it is time for my second cup of coffee.  Have a great Sunday.

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