Friday, October 05, 2012

Polls Swing Romney's Way After His Debate Win

People who say the debates don't affect the election had better think again.  Romney is enjoying a post-debate bounce in some important battleground states.  Polls show Romney ahead of Obama in Florida and Virginia, but also in the all-important state of Ohio.  No Republican has won since hell froze over without winning Ohio.

A couple of weeks ago, some polls showed Obama up over Romney in Ohio by 10 points.  A liberal pundit at Huffington Post posted an article titled "It's Over," stating that Obama had won, and everything from then to November 6 was merely going through the motions.  For reasons stated below, that liberal must feel foolish today.

A new poll shows that, among citizens "certain to vote," Romney now leads Obama in Ohio by 3 points, 51% to 48%.  Taking all potential voters into account, Obama and Romney are statistically deadlocked at 50% for Obama vs 49% for Romney.  Either way, it spells a win for Romney, as more Republicans will certainly show up at the polls on November 6.

Liberals are shocked by this recent revelation of reality.  Their guy is not a lock after all.  When finally confronted by a determined, articulate opponent, Obama was unable to function.  He was finally outside of the liberal media bubble where he is generally protected from tough questions and opposition.  The results weren't pretty.

Right now I am feeling pretty darned good.  Later today I will drive to my favorite cigar store where I will enjoy a fine brew and an expensive cigar to celebrate.  Events are starting to move our way.


Always On Watch said...

Off topic....Stogie, did you get my email about Amber's pictures? I emailed you from my gmail account.

Stogie Chomper said...

I'll check!

LD Jackson said...

I agree that things are really looking up for a Romney win in November. I just hope the momentum can continue to build and that Romney can sweep the last two debates. Doing so will help a lot.

Stogie Chomper said...

LD, I hope so too -- I can't imagine President Teleprompter developing any new debating skills or achieving anything of value over the next 30 days. I'd rather have Romney's chances than Obama's.