Sunday, October 14, 2012

Muslims Need to Know: We Will NEVER Stop Mocking the "Prophet" Who Ordered Our Deaths

Muhammad Meets His Maker
Reflecting Light blog has referenced an article on a huge Muslim protest going on in London.  The Muslims there are protesting and picketing Google's London headquarters, demanding that Google remove the YouTube video "The Innocence of Muslims."  That film, they say, mocks their glorious prophet, Muhammad.  Indeed it does, and indeed it must remain.  Western freedom of speech takes priority over any and all religions, and it is more important when it addresses Islam.

Approximately 1,450 years ago, Muhammad pledged war on all mankind, at the Pledge of Aquaba.  All humans on earth would convert to Islam, or be killed or enslaved if they did not convert.  Those who became Muslims would live under a brutal ideology with little empathy for human suffering, and absolutely no tolerance for individual liberty.

In early times, Muslims invaded and conquered many Christian countries, including Greece and Spain, and forced their populations to convert.  The Muslims have also been aggressive towards Hindus, killing millions of them as well.  This aggression has reawakened in recent years, and once again Muslims are attacking us "infidels."

911, the London and Spain bombings, the mass murders in Beslan, Mumbai and Fort Hood, are the worst of recent Muslim mass murder, but there are many other smaller attacks and failed attempts (See here and here).  And when Muslims aren't killing non-Muslims, they are busy killing each other, all in the name of their religion.

We see Islam as a death cult.  Its mission is mass murder.  Almost no one is safe in the west these days, and for that reason we cannot and will not stop mocking Muhammad and the religion that he created.  We simply cannot offer any respect, reverence or credibility to a religion whose goal is to kill us or conquer us.  We must constantly show our contempt for Islam because of the evil deeds it does daily, and to retard its growth, cause doubts in its believers and awaken westerners to the threat.  We must, because if we do not, then death or dhimmitude will be our lot, and we acquiesce in our own demise.

Make no mistake, we don't care what religion anyone practices, as long as it is peaceful and tolerant of differing views.  We do not attack Buddhism, Hinduism, Shinto or Sikhism; we do not mock these religions or their prophets or equivalents.  We say "go in peace, and may God be with you."  The only reason why we attack Islam and its prophet is because they are a mortal threat to us, and to all followers of other faiths.

I don't see any way out of this conflict, except for Muslims and non-Muslims to live separately and apart, in separate societies.  Once the Islamic threat is lessened to a significant degree, the mocking of Islam will decline naturally.  In any case, we will never allow any laws to be passed that restrict our freedom of speech and our ongoing criticism of Islam and its prophet.  We will fight before we allow that to happen.  So protest and picket until you are blue in the face; it will be of no avail.


Always On Watch said...

I agree, Stogie.

But several Western governments are going to do all possible to force us to stop mocking MTP.

I look for the criminalization of any criticism of Islam to come down on our heads in the near future -- particularly if Obama is re-elected.

Rick Darby said...

There are only three scenarios for the U.S. when Muslims begin to reach a critical mass as colonists, as they have done in Britain and France.

1. Muslims grow more and more militant, politicians and media become compliant. "Sensitivity" is enforced, either legally or extra-legally by social pressure. Muslims become a "protected" class like blacks. The age of freedom of speech and thought dies, perhaps for centuries. The nation becomes a de facto theocracy.

2. Finally, in the last minutes before midnight, a significant portion of the indigenous population can no longer avoid seeing what's happening and boils over. Violence, riots, civil war ensue.

3. While there is still time, Americans acknowledge that there is no legal or moral principle requiring the country to accept anyone and everyone as immigrants. They return to what was common sense pre-1965 and recognize that cultures have different values and it's perfectly reasonable to accept only immigrants from cultures that share the traditional American ways. Furthermore, that there is no need for any but a bare minimum of immigrants at all.

Muslims in the United States who have arrived in the past 20 years are persuaded -- not with threats of violence, but by withdrawal of citizenship and any welfare whatever, and perhaps some monetary compensation -- to go back to their previous countries of residence (or anywhere else that will have them). Returning to the U.S. after that is subject to lifetime imprisonment.

Those three scenarios are what it comes down to. The third seems by far the most humane.

Adobe_Walls said...

All that is required to get Moslems to leave is make their lives here uncomfortable. In fact making assimilation a requisit for any chance at a decent life here would go a long way toward solving all our immigrant problems. The first step would be, as you say, to abolish the 1965 immigration act. Ending the worship of Political Correctness, Diversity and Multiculturalism would do the rest.

Stogie Chomper said...

Rick, excellent analysis and recommendations. I agree totally.

Stogie Chomper said...

AOW, we are headed that way now, but many folks are waking up. We can still stop it.

ema nymton said...


"All that is required to get Moslems to leave is make their lives here uncomfortable."

Given that the 'Star Of David' patch has already been used in the recent past, what symbol do you think followers of Islam should be forced to wear? Should all followers of Islam be rounded up and placed into one ghetto or should each state have its own separate "resettlement" camps? What color of ink should be used when they are tattooed?

Do you think the original native people of North America should follow your enlighten ideas and force you to go back to your previous countries of residence (or anywhere else that will have them).

Ema Nymton

Adobe_Walls said...

None of that will be necessary. Why would we put them in camps we want them to leave. All that is required is to stop pretending Islam has more in common with Christianity than it does with the Aztec sacrifices. If la raza started building pyramids in the South West and marching captives up the steps to start cutting their hearts out, would we just shrug our shoulders ans say "who are we to judge other cultures?". Well you probably would but most reasonable folks wouldn't. Islam was founded to institutionalize rape and pillage. It's a political, military ideology disguised as a religion, which is not to say that many or even most aren't sincere in their insanity, but that's no reason we must humor them. All moslem advocacy groups in this country aid and abet terrorism (most are connected in some way to the moslem brotherhood) either by design or infiltration by opperatives from other groups.
If we stop coddling the stealth jihadis, stop the Saudis from financing subversion through funding community centers and other means the local moslem communities wouldn't be able to ghettoize themselves and set up separate enclaves like Dearbornistan. Islam is utterly antithetical to western values and individual freedoms. It is a death cult and absent a significant reformation cannot exist side by side with any other culture. Their goal is to replace our constitution and every other system of government democratic or otherwise with sharia, there is no reason we should just stand by and watch that happen.

Stogie Chomper said...

"what symbol do you think followers of Islam should be forced to wear?"

They should be forced to wear a patch with the Islamic symbol of a crescent moon and a star until they are loaded onto cattle ships for transportation back to the Islamic hell-hole of their choice. If tattooed, use green ink, as Muslims like that color most.

We should also load brain-dead leftwingers onto the same cattle ships so they can enjoy Islamic culture too, e.g., beheadings, stonings, severed hands and feet, genital mutilation, burquas, etc.

You are such a tool, Ema.

Stogie Chomper said...

Excellent response, Adobe!

Kandi Schnabel said...

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