Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sleazy Gloria Allred Seeks "October Surprise" to Derail Romney

Gloria Allred is an attorney who is forever trying to derail Republicans in their quest for higher office.  She generally does this by disclosing some embarrassing incident from the Republican's past, shortly before the election to deny her victim a chance to rebut or respond.

The rumor is that she will be in court tomorrow to ask a judge to revoke a gag order on a long-ago case in which Romney testified.  The revocation will allow those involved in the case to discuss Romney's part in the case, which presumably will be used to denigrate Romney's character or judgment.

Obama did this same thing to one of his early political opponents, when seeking office as a senator.  His lawyers were able to remove a gag order in his opponent's divorce case, allowing Obama to reveal embarrassing (but irrelevant) facts about the opponent.

The "October Surprise" is a long-time Democrat stratagem, employing unethical means to sway an election.  But when you've got nothing worthwhile on which to run, perhaps you can embarrass your opponent or smear him or her sufficiently to sway the election.  Gloria Allred is an Obama supporter and doctrinaire Democrat who will resort to such dirty tactics to win at all costs.  She is the epitome of the ambulance-chasing shrew.

I wonder what embarrassing facts exist in her background?  We are all human and we all make mistakes, and any good lawyer is an expert in attacking the character of a courtroom opponent with spin, distortion, exaggeration and out-and-out lies.  Such an attorney could make Mother Teresa seem like a crack whore, and yes, it's one of the reasons lawyers are widely hated in America.

In any case, someone with the capability should do a thorough search of Allred's background to let her know how it feels.  Maybe there's a drug arrest or DUI, or lesbian affair or traffic ticket, or censure by the Bar in her past.  Maybe we can find the guy who deflowered Allred and have him relate the experience in excruciating detail, or a plaintiff who won a civil case against Allred and have him or her explain Allred's behavior that led to the suit, or her college buddies who smoked pot with her before attending a male stripper bar.  The possibilities are endless.  Let's work on it.


bartendercabbie said...

Whoever "deflowered" this Allred must have an awfully strong stomach.

Stogie Chomper said...

Heh! Maybe it was a woman who looks like a man.

ema nymton said...


Let us guess. You are opposed to slimming people as a matter of principle? On principle you do not believe baseless rumors, innuendo, slander, half-truths, lies, and character assassination are acceptable tactics except when _you_ use them against people of USA you hate, like President Obama/Democrats/Liberals/Progressives.

Do I have that right?

Ema Nymton

sam said...

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Stogie Chomper said...

Ema, you haven't had anything right in years.