Thursday, October 04, 2012

Poor Obama, the Wrong Mitt Romney Showed Up at the Debate! (Photoshop)

The Democrats are angry today.  Their guy lost the presidential debate, mainly because Mitt Romney refused to play his assigned role as Greedy Capitalist Warmonger.  Instead of the fanged blood-sucker they pictured, a very human, very nice gentleman showed up and politely wiped the floor with Barack Obama.  But he did it respectfully, mind you.

Today the Democrat team is saying Romney lied about what his true presidential goals are, that he really does want to lower taxes by five trillion dollars for the wealthiest while raising it on the middle class, return black people to slavery and turn seniors into soylent green.  And how he hid his fangs, they don't know but intend to find out.  Dentures, maybe?

We used to have a saying back in high school, reserved for posers and role-players:  "He's beginning to believe his own bull shit."  Yes, Barack Obama and his campaign team have reached that point.  They are beginning to believe their own B.S. and are quite impatient with Romney for refusing to go along.


LD Jackson said...

I think it's funny. Obama had such a shocked look on his face when he realized he was in for a long hour and a half. I would give anything to know what he was really thinking when that occurred to him.

Stogie Chomper said...

Captain Zero has lived in a protective liberal bubble for so long that reality must have been shocking. I think he was especially upset that Romney refused to accept the left's description of him and his policies.