Saturday, October 06, 2012

Momentum Building for Mitt Romney

This morning the polls are continuing in Romney's direction.  Rasmussen has Mitt going ahead 49% to 47%.  I detect a change in the public awareness of who Romney is and why he would make a better president than Obama.  I suspect a wave of momentum is building for Romney.

Mitt has momentum with thirty days to go before the vote.  The polls at Real Clear Politics still show Obama slightly ahead, but click on any of the polls and you will see that the totals are averages of previous poll results going back a month or more.  The latest poll results show Romney going ahead by encouraging percentages. (See for example, Florida and Virginia.)  The latest Ohio polls, taken in October before the debate, show Romney tied with Obama.

Meanwhile, I am looking forward to Paul Ryan's debate with Joe Biden next Thursday, October 11.  It won't have as big of an impact, but should be entertaining to watch.

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