Sunday, October 14, 2012

T-Shirt Describes Obama Supporters' True Goal

Here's a picture of an Obama supporter at a campaign rally, wearing a scandalous T-Shirt that tells the true goals of Obama and his supporters.

I am just shocked and sickened by the brazenness of it all.  I am sure you will be too.

Feel free to repost, republish and pass it along to Facebook, email and other means of dissemination.

UPDATE:  I have been advised that the image on the left has been Photoshopped. (I know. I Photoshopped it myself.)

If the left is going to put out false images in order to slander Republicans, then I will respond tit for tat to every one.  The original leftist propaganda photo can be viewed here.  Leftists are republishing their fake photo with glee, as it reinforces their slanderous meme about  why people support Romney over Obama.  (It isn't because they've been out of work for four years and lost the house.  It's because...Obama has a tan.  But you knew that.)

Reasons why the original photo is fake:  the slogans on T shirts are generally on the front, not the back of the shirt.  Further, the liberal sites who published the original photo did not identify or interview the man wearing the shirt, which indicates they are aware that the man was an agent provocateur, a false flag, a liberal posing as a "racist" conservative for propaganda purposes.  Several of these fakes have been exposed at Tea Party events, and the left's brazen dishonesty is nothing new.

But two can play at that game, kids.  Psy-ops work both ways.  Now I need some ideas for some new "faux" liberal t shirt slogans.  Something like this:
  • Reproductive Rights!  Abort the Little Bastards!  (Maybe include an image of a fetus with a red circular "No" sign superimposed.)
  • Drag Queens for Obama
  • Give Marxism a Chance
  • Jobs Are Overrated
  • Free Drugs Now!
  • High Gas Prices: A Must for the Environment
  • High Food Prices Are Good for Your Figure
  • Tax the Rich Til They Bleed!
Your suggestions are welcome.


ema nymton said...


And I swear it ain't not photo-shopped.

And it ain't a skin-head wearing the shirt.

I swear it.

Now do you want to see my copy of the real Obama birth-certificate from Kenya?

How about a true copy of OMitt's tax returns for the past ten years? I got 'em.

Ema Nymton

Stogie Chomper said...

Glad you agree, Ema.

Randy G said...

I see Ema is haunting you now too Stogie.

ooberman said...

What's wrong with Socialism? Seems to work just fine. But, regardless, just because a person might support socialism and Obama doesn't mean all Obama supporters support socialism. Your attempt at playing dirty politics seems to lack in all kinds of fallacious reasoning. Perhaps I should photoshop a bishop wearing "I touch kids" in order to bring down Christianity... it's the same thing you are trying to do. But why do that? Why don't you take the high ground (for once)?