Monday, October 08, 2012

Democrats' Latest Meme: "Romney is a Great Actor!"

This morning Rush played several soundbites of Democrat pundits, trying to spin away Obama's dismal debate performance.

The latest Democrat stratagem is to paint Romney as a cunning poser and pretender, denying at the debate all of the "evil capitalist" stereotypes assigned him by the liberal spin machine.  His debate performance is being described as "a great dramatic performance."  This description is particularly offensive, inasmuch as Romney seemed quite sincere, real and gentlemanly during the debate.

Some Democrat pundits are saying that Romney out and out lied about his real positions and beliefs, and that Obama was taken aback by this onslaught of falsehood, and so shocked by it that he was thrown off his game.  However, next time Obama will be ready for these Romney lies and misrepresentations of his "true" beliefs and policies.

So far I have not seen any list of Romney's alleged policy misrepresentations that were made at the debate.  I  doubt that any such  list exists.

What this latest meme proves is this:  the Democrats are false, phony, lying propagandists, experts at spin and misdirection, masters of illusion.  They can only win if they can make the public believe in falsehoods; they cannot win by being honest and truthful.  They do not defend themselves with facts and arguments, but by plotting and creating yet a new illusion, a new spin, a new false impression.  Demagogic propaganda is all they've got.

To me, the word "Democrat" is synonymous with "liar."

Be ye not fooled.


Adobe_Walls said...

Their problem is they believe their own bullshit. It seems to have not occurred to them that all their assertions may be false or even debatable and it was apparently up to the moderator and Romney himself to validate their talking points. Oops.

Stogie Chomper said...

AW, yes, they live in a dreamworld and are shocked to find we do not share their illusions.