Saturday, October 27, 2012

#WorldSeries: Giants Win Second Shut-Out of Tigers, Are Up 3 Games to 0

It looks like the San Francisco Giants will win the 2012 World Series.  Tonight they beat the Detroit Tigers in Detroit 2 - 0, the same score as for Game 2.  Skunking the Tigers in their own stadium is almost unheard of, but the Giants are an extraordinary team.

What most impresses me about the Giants is not their pitching nor their batting, though both are impressive.  Where they really shine is on defense.  Tonight they made two double plays, once with the bases loaded, to end the inning and prevent any runs by Detroit.  They make incredible plays against hard hit balls that are either caught or scooped out of the dirt for almost impossible throws to first to get the out.

It's never over until the last out and anything is possible.  But there are four possible games remaining and the Giants only have to win one of them to take the series.  Unless they all come down with the flu by, say, tomorrow, that seems to be almost a done deal.  Almost.  Never temp the gods of baseball by being overconfident.

Game 4 is tomorrow in Detroit.

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