Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Bankrupt California: The Model for Progressive Policies

A Typical California Road
Victor Davis Hanson is (like me) a Californian.  He discusses the state of California and its demise under unfettered leftism:  soaring energy prices, crumbling infrastructure, tides of illegal aliens, and managed my moonbats on steroids.  California is the perfect reverse barometer of sane fiscal policy and state government.  Hanson explains:
California may face the nation’s largest budget deficit at $16 billion. It may struggle with the nation’s second-highest unemployment rate at 10.6 percent. It will soon vote whether to levy the nation’s highest income and sales taxes, as if to encourage others to join the 2,000-plus high earners who are leaving the state each week. The new taxes will be our way of saying, “Good riddance.” And if California is home to one-third of the nation’s welfare recipients and the largest number of illegal aliens, it is nonetheless apparently happy and thus solidly for Obama, by a +24 percent margin in the latest Field poll. The unemployment rate in my hometown is 16 percent, the per capita income is $16,000 — and I haven’t seen a Romney sticker yet.
One of the greatest testaments to liberal lunacy is California's roads.  They are filled with potholes and cracks and are often a mosaic patchwork, the many cracks filled with poured asphalt, resulting in a giant spiderweb where a road should be.  I have often driven along California's road, bumping and jostling until I reach the state border between California and Nevada, or California and Oregon, or California and Arizona, where the roads magically transform into smooth, new stretches of freeways, absent the cracks and potholes.  My wife asks, "Why are the roads so bumpy?"  I reply, "California's broke.  They can't afford to fix the roads."

Yes, "progressives" everywhere should take a good long look at the perfect model of their political ambitions.  Progressivism not only doesn't work, it makes life substantially more difficult for those who live under its soft tyranny.

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Chrysichthys said...

California's problem, government by referendum, is obvious to the entire world. It's considered an excellent example of what not to do. Anyway, I thought it had a Republican Governor, known as Arnie, and another one, known as Ronnie, for much of its recent history, so I wouldn't be hasty to blame the Democrats for its financial plight, which could, instead, have something to do with electing B-movie actors to high political office. Just saying. In spite of its disordered finances, it's a really great place to visit. It's sort of the American equivalent of Italy.

Stogie Chomper said...

Chrys, you are a knee-jerk liberal whose duty is to deny, deny, deny the truth of Democrat failure. None of Arnie's propositions for reforming the state were enacted; every single one was voted down in a referendum; he was totally ineffective against an overwhelming Democrat majority and quickly became a Democrat lapdog. Ronald Reagan was governor back in the 1970's, when the state was in the black and had great roads. So keep your big mouth shut about Grade B actors or I'll ban your worthless ass and you will have to find another site on which to practice your Demo-rat talking points.

Always On Watch said...

Hanson said: The unemployment rate in my hometown is 16 percent, the per capita income is $16,000 — and I haven’t seen a Romney sticker yet.

What the hell is wrong with these people? They simply can't see the reality?

city said...

thanks for sharing.