Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Thomas Sowell Explains Obama's Strategy in Defusing Benghazi-Gate

Thomas Sowell has described a new political stratagem employed by the Democrats to take the steam out of controversies like Benghazi.  He calls it "cooling out" the voters.  Scam artists use the same technique on those that they defraud.  It involves creating plausible deniability, blurring the facts to confuse the victim as to whether he has been defrauded, thus delaying him from going to the police.  The delay is important, as it allows the fraudster to escape before any action can be taken.

Obama used the "cooling out" strategy in defusing public outrage over Benghazi.  Obama offered a plausible (but knowingly false) scenario to deflect deserved blame away from himself.  That scenario was to miscast the terrorist attack on our embassy to be a spontaneous protest over a YouTube video that just got out of hand.  Then allow the truth to come out slowly, when it will have a lesser impact on public opinion.

Clever, these Democrats.  They have transformed unethical and dishonest behavior into a fine art form.

Read it all here.

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