Monday, October 22, 2012

Giants Going to World Series; Third Presidential Debate

I watched and listened to the third and final presidential debate on my laptop, through headphones, while watching the 7th game of the San Francisco Giants - St. Louis Cardinals semifinal match up.  Both were fights that were important to me.

The presidential debate on foreign policy was pretty boring, with both candidates repeating a lot of the same talking points they made in the prior two debates.  Obama did his best yet, in my opinion, speaking well off the cuff and looked polished and prepared.  Substance-wise, he was still the same -- full of bovine excrement.

No doubt the media will proclaim Obama the winner, but it is highly doubtful that this debate will give him any bounce.  Obama is all done.


The Giants - Cardinals game was quite a bit more exciting than the excruciatingly dull debate.  A few days ago the Giants were down three games to one and all the Cardinals had to do was win one of the next three games.  They lost all three, as the Giants thumped them in convincing fashion.  Tonight, in the top of the 9th, the Cardinals were down 9 - 0 as the clouds burst and drenched the crowd and the field in a downpour.  The Giants got the three final outs and are headed for "the show," the World Series, against the Detroit Tigers.  First game is this Wednesday.

It is really special to me that the Giants are in the 2012 World Series.  I saw them in the 1962 World Series against the New York Yankees and was hoping for a repeat of that contest fifty years later, with the Giants winning this time around -- but the Yankees were swept in their playoff round and it was not to be.  That's okay, I'll accept a Giants victory over the Tigers instead.


Catseye said...

Should have watched the debate and the reactions being known as President Petulant is not going to help O'bama any.

Stogie Chomper said...

I watched both. Watched the game on TV while watching the debate on my laptop and listening with earphones. Yes, I was surprised at Obama's petulance regarding the Navy and its ships.