Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Crazy Hatred on the Left, plus Illogical Solutions to Lunatic Violence

A rabidly leftist professor at a Rhode Island University has called for the assassination of NRA head Wayne LaPierre. The professor, one Erik Loomis, is also a blogger at the far left screed sheet known as "Lawyers, Guns and Money."

Loomis was enraged by the Connecticut school shootings, but weirdly and inappropriately blamed the National Rifle Association for the massacre. Some left wing extremists believe that any and all gun violence is the fault of the NRA, for merely lobbying to preserve the Second Amendment. These extremists want all private ownership of guns outlawed and the Second Amendment altered or revoked. Radicals like Loomis believe the NRA to be the major obstacle to this goal. Once all guns are gone, everlasting peace will reign -- or so they seem to illogically think.

Loomis and his ilk never seem to consider the fact that not all guns can or will be confiscated, or that criminals and crazies will find alternative weapons. These leftists are strenuously opposed to furnishing guns to say, school teachers or shop owners, for protection against such threats. Somehow people will be safer if they are defenseless -- even though statistics on gun ownership and crime show the opposite to be true.

Loomis has incurred much heat over his hateful remarks on Twitter and his blog, and has been visited by the police. Donald Douglas has the complete story, with links, at American Power here.

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