Monday, December 17, 2012

Psycho + Guns = Tragedy: The Solution Is More Guns, Not Less

Taser:  A Tool For Stopping Violent Criminals
Adam Lanza has joined the pantheon of mass-murdering psychopaths in what might be called the SUPER "revenge of the nerds"  -- socially awkward people with mental problems who kill and then commit suicide.  Well, not all of them commit suicide -- take Jared Loughner and James Eagan Holmes, for example.

However, there is a distinct and predictable pattern here, expressed by the scientific formula:  psycho + guns + numerous available targets = tragedy.

How can we keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill?  That would surely decrease the number of mass murders.  We could ban all guns, forcing nut jobs to use knives, swords, baseball bats or bombs instead.  Then they might kill less (maybe more if bombs are used).  In any case, a young female school teacher would still be at a severe disadvantage when a Lanza enters her classroom looking for targets.  The size and strength differential between the teacher and psycho would be reduced to zero had the teacher a loaded gun.

The truth is, guns cannot be sufficiently banned to stop such incidents.  Outlawing guns means the criminal will have a gun and you won't.  What is needed is more guns, not less.  Teachers should be packing.  Anywhere there is a crowd of people -- in theaters, hospitals, schools and the shopping malls -- someone sane and trained needs to be armed and ready for psychos who show up with intent to kill.

Weapons for defense need not be limited to handguns.  Perhaps stun guns or better yet, tasers, could be issued to teachers, head ushers, hospital guards and others in lieu of traditional firepower.  Tasers can be used to floor someone from a distance, generally 15 feet for civilian tasers and 21 feet for police tasers.  The problem is that you only get one shot and if you miss, you're likely to be dead.  Still, a taser is a lot better than nothing.  Discussion, experimentation, training and research are needed to increase the options for civilians in dangerous situations.

We cannot disarm the bad guys, but we can arm their potential victims, so the latter will have a fighting chance at survival.

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Always On Watch said...

I like the idea of a taser!

I think that a lot was going on with Adam Lanza. I have attempted to address one aspect:

This morning, I also made the following comment at another blog, and you might find the comment of interest:

By taking her son to the gun range, Nancy Lanza was trying to connect with her son, trying to bond with him.

What kind of therapist didn't tell her that the idea of such mother-child bonding as a cure for autism is now outmoded -- and has long been outmoded?

Did nobody tell her that bonding with a child on the autism spectrum should be subject to some tabus because autists are wired differently?

I read this morning that papers from the Lanzas' divorce proceedings indicate that the Lanzas had a therapist for Adam.

What kind of therapist didn't tell her that some on the autism spectrum obsess over things to the point of those things taking over their lives?

Why didn't a therapist tell her that autists often have trouble discerning fantasy from fact?

Why didn't an expert in autism tell her about tactile sequencing, which can work miracles for those on the autism spectrum?

Did nobody tell her that upbringing in religious faith is of great help with those on the autism spectrum?

And why didn't Nancy Lanza know about THIS [See my post today]

I regularly work with children on the autism spectrum. Most can indeed be helped but only via particular kinds of interventions, interventions that the experts often will not even consider.

I do not see Adam Lanza as evil -- at least not with the information that I have to date.

[He might not have been psychotic in the traditional sense of the term]

I'm certain that my viewpoint won't be popular, but I've come to that conclusion over decades of working with children who have learning differences and other kinds of differences.

BTW, I read somewhere that it may not be so that Adam Lanza was submerged in video games. Perhaps we'll soon get more information about that matter.

Anonymous said...

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Stogie Chomper said...

I don't know much about autism. My brother has a grandson who is autistic, and for most of the kid's life he has been a ball of uncontrolled energy and doesn't seem capable of much communication with others. Of course, I haven't seen the boy in years so he may have improved. My niece wrote her master's thesis on autism, out of concern for her nephew.

Liberty At'Stake said...

Yep. And also more psychos under 24x7 observation, as Krauthammer opined last night.

Always On Watch said...

In many ways, autism is a mystery. Although we seem to know more about it today than we knew just a few decades ago, we don't know what we don't know.

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