Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Robert Bork Has Died

Chronicles magazine reports:
Today brings the sad news that Robert Bork has passed away. The sadder news for America, though, came in 1987, when the Senate unjustly rejected his nomination to the Supreme Court. There is no doubt that, had Bork been confirmed, Roe v Wade would have been overturned in 1992 when the Supreme Court decided Planned Parenthood v Casey. Unlike Anthony Kennedy, whom the Senate ultimately confirmed and who voted to reaffirm Roe in Casey, Bork possessed the fortitude to stand up to the pressures that exist in the Beltway to move to the left.
Read it all here. 

Judge Bork was demonized to an extreme during his senate confirmation hearings for appointment to the Supreme Court.  Led by the execrable and unlamented Ted Kenney, Bork was slandered to such a degree that a new verb was invented for the personal destruction of an individual, "to bork."  Naturally, his appointment was voted down by the Democrat controlled Senate. Judge Bork is but one of many principled men of accomplishment whose potentially great service to the nation was blocked by the neo-Bolsheviks of the Democrat Party.

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