Friday, December 28, 2012

Feeling Fine This Morning

Everyone has some health issue; I am disgustingly healthy with regard to cholesterol, heart function and blood pressure.  My only health issue is clinical depression and, apparently, anxiety attacks.

This past week I tried to stop taking my SSRI (because I hate the side effects) and last night I had an anxiety or panic attack as a result.  Why the feeling of panic?  Because you feel like you are suffocating -- it is some function of the brain, according to what I read on the web.  They call it a "misdirected suffocation alarm mechanism."  You aren't actually suffocating and you aren't going to die, but it feels like sheeeee-it.

I got up and googled info on the web, and was able to finally overcome the attack with breathing exercises, walking and by taking my SSRI.

I feel fine this morning, quite normal.  Just a little tired from not getting enough sleep last night.

Meanwhile, my G.P. doctor has prescribed Cymbalta for me to try in lieu of Zoloft.  However, I am not going to just jump into a new SSRI.  I am going to do some private research first.

My 2013 resolutions:  (1) better manage my mental states (depression, anxiety) and (2) increase my personal energy levels for greater productivity.

Update:  Cymbalta costs $300 for a month's supply of pills.  Now there's a side effect (bankruptcy) that I am sure I wouldn't like.  So that option is out.


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A family member is on a low dose of Effexor XR (in generic form). It costs next to nothing and has helped her.