Saturday, December 01, 2012

Here's Some Cheery News: Our Society Will Unravel in 2 to 3 Years (Thanks Democrats!)

Doug Ross Journal reports that Obama's tax increase on the rich will be totally ineffective at reducing our national debt.  He has created a pie chart that shows the effects of the tax increase, and it is a spit in the bucket of debt.  What is needed to save America from economic devastation is to cease the deficit spending. Ross writes:
This egregious deficit spending cannot be sustained much longer: two, three years tops, according to former House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Bill Archer, before the system begins to unravel.

We are headed for a societal collapse. We are headed for runaway inflation, a collapse of the currency, and civil unrest... in that order. We are seeing it break out in Europe now, we saw it in Argentina a dozen years ago, and we saw it in the Weimar Republic before the rise of Hitler.

Inevitably, the laws of economics overtake the politics.
Read it here and do see the pie chart.  It is revealing.

Meanwhile, the Democrats continue their demoralization campaign in an attempt to stop or slow Tea Party opposition to their economic destruction.  Legal Insurrection reports on this here.


Always On Watch said...

The pie chart really does tell the story. Of course, the media will not tell the story. Damn bastards. All they can do is shill for Obama and Progressivism.

Stogie Chomper said...