Friday, December 07, 2012

Michigan Gets Smart, Passes Right to Work Laws

Yesterday, both the Michigan state House and Senate passed identical versions of the Workplace Fairness and Equity Act, bills that would give Michigan workers the freedom not to join unions if they so choose.  In states without "right to work" laws, an employee generally can be compelled to join a union, or forced to pay union dues without joining, as a condition of employment.

Whatever their historical achievements, unions today have one major purpose:  to extort employers into paying union members more than they are actually worth on the open market.  Unions are a form of monopoly, in which both employers and the public are often forced to pay through the nose for the goods and services that union members produce.

Unions are rarely satisfied with their exorbitant salaries and benefits, and always push for more, lest they destroy their employers through strikes.  Hostess is the latest example.

It is widely known that unions are what destroyed General Motors.  Unions are why American companies relocate their manufacturing facilities overseas.  Employers get tired of the blackmail and exorbitant costs, and move their plants to China and elsewhere to lower their costs and increase profits.   In times like these, such efforts may be necessary for a company's very survival.

Democrats support unions and oppose right-to-work laws, since unions are a major constituency of their party.  Unions also support Democrat candidates with their members's dues, whether the members like it or not.

Today, union leaders and Democrat politicians are waxing eloquently about the RIGHT to collectively bargain and join unions.  However, that right has not been taken away, and employees can still join unions if they wish, and cannot be fired for it.  The important difference is that employees in right-to-work states do not HAVE to join unions or pay union dues if they do not wish to do so -- and they can't be fired for their refusal.

Unions often supply a crowd of member-thugs to commit violence and destruction in order to intimidate opposition.  They did so yesterday in light of the Michigan vote (per the Washington Examiner):
After [Gov. Rick] Snyder announced he would support the legislation, union activists rushed the Senate chamber. Squadrons of Michigan State Police were ready for union violence however, and with the use of pepper spray they were able to prevent the protestors from hijacking the chamber. “A level of appropriate force was used by troopers,” State Police spokeswoman Shannon Banner said. “Medical treatment was offered but they refused.” Eight protestors were arrested in the melee.
Union-extorted high pay and benefits, like high minimum wage laws, do little for employees if there are no jobs.  The Examiner notes:
Michiganders are tired of businesses and factories leaving the state. They are tired of having the highest unemployment rate in the region. Yesterday’s right to work victory was another major step in Michigan’s fight to become competitive again.


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