Thursday, December 27, 2012

Feinstein's Bill to Destroy the 2nd Amendment: It Is Way Past Time to Openly Defy the Federal Government

The federal government is now the enemy of freedom and the Constitution, and it is time to openly defy it. Diane Feinstein, US Senator from Marxist California, has proposed a federal gun control bill that will make numerous existing handguns and rifles illegal. The bill would create a federal database of gun owners, and require photographing and fingerprinting gun owners. Like hell, bitch.

You can read the details of this Orwellian overreach at Powerline today.

Every day seems to bring a new federal outrage to light. Absolutely nothing that the Party of Treason does surprises me anymore. If this bill ever passes, I will personally defy it. I will neither obey nor recognize such a law. Meanwhile, I will seek to purchase a Glock handgun and a Bushmaster rifle, and begin regular shooting practice with them, at shooting ranges; and I will seek professional instruction on the safe handling and use of such firearms. I will register such weapons with my state, as indeed I have no choice; but I recognize the constitutionality of state law. I will not register any firearms with the federal government. I will rejoin the NRA.

Reasonable gun control laws should be passed by the states; the federal government has no such authority. It is time for "civil disobedience" to the Marxists now in control of the nation, and we must prepare ourselves for civil war in the event the Feds decide to play rough.

Note to state governments: get off your asses and protect the constitutional rights of your citizens. Nullify such laws and arrest any federal officials who attempt to enforce them. Call up state militias if necessary to oppose federal force, e.g. by such agencies as the BATF.

Business as usual is not an option. At the very least, it is time to discuss and plan for such contingencies at the state and local level. It is time to draw a line in the sand.


Rick Darby said...

State nullification of federal laws and, above all, executive/bureaucratic orders seems like the last best hope for liberty. I admire individuals who defy federal law on principle, but cannot honestly recommend anyone take that route; the feds will pick them off one by one. State governments still have considerable power; I have to believe that out of 50 of them a handful will defy the Beast. The most successful strategy will be to choose their ground carefully and practice nullification a little at a time, staying under the radar as much as possible, establishing precedents, showing that it can be done. It took the Left at least since 1933 to capture the country's institutions, and it worked because they took a bite, digested that, took another bite, etc., etc. Gradual, stealth nullification has the greatest likelihood of avoiding massive retaliation or a War of Federal Aggression.

Stogie Chomper said...

Civil disobedience and nullification are both well established principles. I say screw the subtleties, we need immediate and widespread rebellion.

Rick Darby said...

Stogie, I share your sense of urgency. I'm just afraid that massive sudden defiance will bring overwhelming suppression from Washington. Remember the Beast's response to states' resistance to forced school integration? Federal marshals and National Guard. And that was when the rule of law was still more or less in fashion in DC. I think Big Ju-Ju Obama would have no hesitation in using lethal pushback.

Stogie Chomper said...

Arrest the federal marshals and use the national guard to defend the states!