Friday, March 13, 2009

Ann Coulter's Most Famous Quote

You frequently see the image at the left on leftist blogs and websites. Apparently, they think this very reasonable suggestion by Ann Coulter is a bad thing. Go figure.

Coulter rightly believes that killing leaders of Muslim countries and converting their minions to a (truly) peaceful religion would bring peace to the world. She's right. A major tenet at the heart of Islam is that Muslims are at war with all mankind and must remain so until we are all Islamic converts. As a survival strategy, converting them to our religion instead doesn't seem a bad bet.

Of course, I'd rather not invade their countries (though killing their leaders is certainly appealing -- thank God for flying drones); we could develop our own energy supplies and leave these barbarians to die on the vine. Who knows, they might invent some great new recipes for sand. Then again, they might have to. Maybe mix it with crude oil and sell it as brownies.

Leftists have a counter plan. Instead of invading Muslim countries, we should organize an invasion of ours through massive immigration of unassimilable, hostile Muslims so they can create huge enclaves in the West, then lobby for institution of Sharia law and censorship of all who object.

Eventually, they will become the major culture in our societies, reducing westerners to a state of dhimmitude. Leftists and libtards are already practicing for this happy state by wearing Muslim scarves, banning truth telling as "hate speech," prosecuting those who speak out at this rapidly developing dhimmitude dilemma, requiring halal food to be served in school cafeterias, and generally making complete asses of themselves. Well, liberals have always made complete asses of themselves; the ascent of Islam as the new tyranny merely gives them new ways of expressing themselves.

In other words, Leftists want us to become Europe.

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