Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Real Robert Stacy McCain Stands Up

Frankly I was a bit disappointed when I read that an old online ally of mine, Robert Stacy McCain, began advocating "blog whoring" and cheesecake as a way to increase your blog hits. McCain is a serious writer and thinker and need not resort to such fluff.

Today the real Stacy McCain (which is what we, his older bunch of friends, are used to calling him) stood up. He has posted a great article about two heros of mine, one being Rush Limbaugh and the other General George S. Patton.

Lately the Democrats have been trying to "take out Rush" by smearing him; that's nothing new -- they've been trying it for years and it always blows up in their dishonest, lying faces. All their efforts have done is to demonstrate the Democrats' basic personal dishonesty and Machiavellian bent.

Stacy writes:

There is an entire mini-industry of Limbaugh monitors, vile little left-wing worms who spend three hours a day recording and transcribing his broadcasts in hope of catching that one "gotcha" quote. (Pathetic, isn't it?)

These nests of vermin specialize in the Ransom-Note Method of partial quotation, claiming to be "fact-checking" Limbaugh's monologues when in fact they're just partisan smearmongers. And then there is the standing offer of a handsome fee for a Newsweek cover story available to any Republican who will denounce Rush. So the man is always a target, always the object of the withering gaze of critical scrutiny.

Do I agree with everything Rush Limbaugh has ever said? What kind of question is that? The point is that Rush "is a man, you know," as the driver of Fairway Cab No. 1 so succinctly put it at CPAC. Whatever Limbaugh's faults, he has that one redeeming value: Courage to speak out, even when speaking out makes him the target of vicious personal smears.

Read the whole thing here. Be sure to read the story of Patton that follows it.

Thanks Stacy. Cheesecake is a dessert and always goes best when served after a good meal of red meat.

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