Thursday, March 19, 2009

My Son Works for AIG and We're Not Giving Back the Damn Bonus

My youngest son works for AIG in Los Angeles. I have a nephew who works for AIG in San Francisco.

What can I get my son to buy me with his million dollar bonus? Well a sea chest of fine cigars would fit the bill. Also, I have my eye on a fully carved upright bass from Romania. A little red sports car would also be cool.

I have advised my son not to return the million dollar bonus, but to instead buy his dear old Pop a bunch of neat stuff.

Then he informed me that, since he's a recent college grad and only in first year at AIG, he didn't get a million dollar bonus. Or any bonus for that matter.

DAMN! What kind of a bail-out is that? Chris Dodd, you incompetent bastard. I can do without the red sportscar and the bass can wait, but I really need those cigars.

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