Wednesday, March 18, 2009

United In Hate: Why the Left Loves and Glorifies Tyranny

I just got from my copy of Jamie Glazov's book, "United in Hate: The Left's Romance with Tyranny and Terror." I also heard Glazov on KSFO radio (San Francisco) talk about the book.

Glazov notes that the Left always supports the tyranny du jour. First they supported Fascism; then Soviet Communism; and today they support violent Islam and Jihad. This is not an exaggeration. Jonah Goldberg, in his book "Liberal Fascism," gives historical facts about the liberal dalliance with fascism in the 1930s (they liked it -- a strong central, socialist government where the interests of the state superseded that of the individual. What's not to like?).

The left's romance with Soviet tyranny is something I observed first hand, having lived through a few decades of that history. Basically, they wanted unilateral disarmament, meaning, we would prove to the Soviets that we loved and trusted them by eliminating or severely reducing our nuclear stockpiles, thus making them feel secure and voila, they would eventually follow suit by reducing their nuclear capability as well. Furthermore, we wouldn't oppose their subversion and conquest of other nations because those nations would be better off under communism anyway. Some idiots even suggested that we send great sums of money to communist third-world despotisms who hated our guts. Sort of like Obama is doing today with regard to Hamas, pledging to send them almost a billion dollars.

Today radical Islam is the new fad. Leftists throughout the West are importing millions of hostile Muslims and changing their laws and customs to suit the newcomers. The Left hates Jews and so admire the fanatical Islamic anti-semitism.

Well, you have to give the left credit. They always support regimes that create millions of smiling faces. Of course, those faces are skulls. See illustration above right.

Glasov points out that liberals greatly admire people and regimes that would surely kill those liberals if they lived under their rule. This would seem to confirm Michael Savage's observation that liberalism is a mental disorder.

On the radio, Glasov said that leftists want to establish a socialist "paradise" on earth and believe that can only be done on the ashes of the existing world. A great, cleansing cataclysm must occur to destroy capitalism and modern civilization; then the new socialist society can be created. In this regard they see militant Islam as a useful tool for that end, one that can help destroy the existing order. Destruction of western civilization brings joy to the leftist heart. It explains why so many of them were so gleeful when the 9/11 attack destroyed 3,000 lives and billions of dollars in property.

Yes, with a little destructive assistance from Islam, socialism can emerge to provide the new paradise. It's nonsense, of course. Socialism destroys human incentive and industrial production; under it millions of people have starved or were exterminated.

Of course, this one attribute -- millions of dead people -- is common to all of the tyrannies that the left has embraced. Millions died under fascism, communism and Islamism. There is no possible hope for a "paradise" under a leftist system. The left wants to eliminate what has worked better than any other system in human history -- capitalism and democracy -- and replace them with a system that has always failed spectacularly in providing either freedom or food.

They will accomplish this over our dead bodies. And that's the plan.

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