Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dutch Supreme Court Decision Bodes Well For Geert Wilders

Dutch Freedom Blog has just translated a court decision in the Hague that is relevant to the Geert Wilders case. The Court has cleared a man who publically criticized Islam. Dutch Freedom writes:

In November 2004 [the defendant] had placed a poster before his window with the text: “Stop the Tumour that is Islam”. [I don`t think Wilders ever went that far]. Earlier the same man had been convicted by the District Court and the Court of Appeals in Den Bosch. According to the highest court in the land, there is not sufficient ground for a conviction if someone solely engages in defamation of a religion as such. Whether or not the adherents of a religion feel insulted is irrelevant.
Read the whole thing here.

The key point here is that Wilders didn't defame any religion, he merely told the truth, showing videos of the carnage wrought by Islamic extremists and linking them to key passages in the Qur'an which commands such atrocities.

This does not settle the Geert Wilders case, but it bodes well for him.


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