Monday, March 16, 2009

Chuck Norris to Run for President...of Texas

Chuck Norris, in his column at World Net Daily, thinks a "Second American Revolution" may be in the offing in light of Obama's incurring "perpetual debt" and giving aid and recognition to Muslim terrorist groups like Hamas. Norris has stated, not entirely tongue-in-cheek, that he might consider running for office: President of Texas. That would have to be after Texas secedes from the Union.

Norris notes that Texas was once a republic on its own, a nation called Texas before it was a state named Texas. Actually there are two states that can claim that distinction, i.e. of being a stand-alone Republic. California is the other. Norris believes that more than one state might secede from the Union rather than go along with the nation that the United States is becoming.

Norris is wrong about one thing -- it would be the third American revolution; the War Between the States was the second, fought over the question of whether any state had the right to secede from the Union. Abraham Lincoln thought not; in that, he was wrong; but what he didn't have to prove in court he enforced on the battlefield. Many Constitutional scholars still believe that states are sovereign bodies with the right to secede. I believe they are correct yet I hope it will never come to that. I'd rather see a less drastic solution.

Obama and the Democrats ought to proceed with great caution. The proliferating "tea parties" accross the country, Obama's plunging popularity and the growth of movements like the Oath-Keepers portend a revolutionary mood. There will be no "road to socialism"; there will be no abrogation of the Second Amendment and no confiscation of private firearms. It doesn't matter how big of a plurality of votes he won in the last election -- Obama may not suspend the Constitution of the United States. The people will not stand for it.

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