Saturday, March 28, 2009

Pro Terrorist Propaganda from Cartoonist Pat Oliphant

Pat Oliphant, a mindless shill for the Far Left, has published a truly disgusting, pro-Jihadi piece of propaganda in the form of a cartoon.

This piece of propaganda is discussed at the Corner here.

Yes, the Islamic terrorists will no doubt dessiminate this anti-semitic propaganda throughout the Muslim world and it will encourage them to keep killing Jews. Are you really that stupid Pat? Are you really that blinded by your Far Left ideology?

I have marked up Oliphant's cartoon and labeled it for what it is, Propaganda. If you want to run this cartoon on your blog or website, use this marked-up version so it can't be copied and used to further terrorism in other parts of the world.
FUCK YOU, Pat Oliphant. And whatever syndicate publishes your trash.

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