Sunday, March 08, 2009

The Unnatural, Abnormal and Pathological Aspects of Islam

I swiped this photo off of Atlas Shrugs. It shows Muslim women in traditional Muslim garb. It's a disgusting picture.

The most extreme Muslim cultures insist on hiding women's faces, hands, eyes and everything else. So the women have to wear these oppressive, ugly body sacks, as if they were highly contagious lepers. If a man didn't know better, he might mistake them for an overstuffed sofa and sit on them. He would then be stoned to death for illegal contact with a female.

Is this normal behavior? Without the influence of a fanatical religion, would women normally cocoon themselves in body bags? What other religions or cultures in the world practice similar oppression of females? This behavior is extreme by any standard.

And what does it say about Muslim men? That they are so bestial and barbaric that they can't view the face of a fellow human being (who happens to be female) without going apeshit and raping them? What a bunch of juveniles, who lack the self-control and civilizational skills to behave appropriately around unveiled women. Are they men or jackrabbits?

Did God really screw up when he made women? Why did he give them a face anyway, if it is never to be seen? Shouldn't he have covered their faces with long fur so they are not seen? Take a look at the miserable creatures in the photo. Is this what mother nature intended for the female gender?

In most cultures, sexual activity is considered normal. In Islam, it is considered a capital offense outside of marriage. Those who yield to human needs and indulge before marriage may be stoned to death, beheaded or hanged. The Muhammed-endorsed method, however, is stoning. Girls who fall in love with the wrong man can be murdered by their family in a so-called "honor killing." Muslims have developed cruelty and inhumanity to a high form of art.

The genders do not mix socially in Muslim societies and are kept completely segregated, as if being in proximity to one another would somehow detonate an atomic bomb. These practices are sick, perverted, abnormal and inhuman.

Islam is a disgusting "religion" if that's what it is. However, I think it qualifies as a pathology even more so than a religion. They should give it a special section in the medical literature.

Update: A Muslim woman burns her hijab in public to protest this oppression of women.

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