Saturday, March 07, 2009

Is Barack Obama the New Salvador Allende?

Many, if not most conservatives have concluded that Obama is currently destroying the United States by bankrupting the nation. Some authors have concluded that the Democrats are doing this on purpose to create the conditions needed for transforming the country into a socialist nation.

In any case, Obama is a conservative's worse nightmare. He's a socialist and maybe a Marxist; he comes from a Muslim background, is partial to the Palestinians and hostile to Israel. He is a pro-abortion fanatic. He is anti-military.

Have we reached the point where revolution is justified or required? If not now, when? This is more than a theoretical question, because we as a nation have never had such a leftwing leadership before in our history.

In the dim recesses of history, there have been times when Americans felt they could no longer tolerate the government that oppressed them, and took revolutionary action to resolve it. The first was when the Founding Fathers broke with England, seceded and declared their independence. The second was when the South did the same thing to the Northern states, bringing on the Civil War. We haven't experienced such a cataclysmic event in 148 years and perhaps we are overdue.

Back in the 1970's, a Marxist, Salvador Allende, got himself elected to the presidency of Chile with a minority of the vote (he had more votes than several other candidates, however -- a plurality of 36.2%). Allende than began destroying the economy of Chile, as only a Marxist can do, because they are totally ignorant of even the most basic economics. Allende greatly increased the minimum wage, causing thousands of small businesses to fail and bringing on raging unemployment and inflation. Allende seems like an early version of Barack Obama.

Allende nationalized banking and other industries and socialized the health care system -- sound familiar? Inflation soared, foreign reserves declined and Allende soon announced that Chile would default on its foreign debt. Basic commodities and foodstuffs disappeared from market shelves and waves of strikes began, first by truckers, small businessmen and unions, then by housewives. By September 1973 the military figured it had to act and overthrew Allende in a coup. Good riddance. (Today the leftists claim that Allende's coup was staged by the CIA and that it was American opposition that caused his socialist experiment to fail -- the same old lies and excuses for failed socialism.)

Our indigenous Marxists, the Democrats, should take this lesson of history to heart. Socialism destroys an economy and makes the standard of living much worse for everyone, including the poor. It is a thoroughly discredited system; it has never worked and never can work. Expect your standard of living under Obama to get steadily worse. It will, if his agenda is not stopped.

Perhaps this country can survive the next two years until the next round of Congressional elections wherein a Republican majority can be seated; they can then stymie Obama's socialization program until we can kick him out in 2012. Or impeach him. By then I predict the Supreme Court will be a lot more interested in Obama's missing birth certificate than they are now.

Or, like Salvador Allende, perhaps Barack Obama will awaken one morning to find the White House lawn covered with tanks and soldiers. I hope it never comes to that. But it could.


Sophia Marsden said...

I wish Obama was an Allende.

Stogie Chomper said...

Well he's pretty close, in my opinion.

Sophia Marsden said...

Allende served the workers, Obama serves the interests of capital, they are worlds apart.