Friday, March 06, 2009

A Desperate Escape

3:54:53 PM – An hour to go before I launch my escape. When the boys trip the circuit breaker, disarming the electrified fence and extinguishing the searchlight, then I make my break. I will climb the north wall and make for the forest…behind me are flashlights flickering through the dark boughs of trees, baying bloodhounds and the angry shouts of guards, an occasional gunshot or two and the tramp of running feet…I will desperately make my way to the boat hidden at the edge of the swamp where an old gypsy hag in a purple headscarf, smoking a meerschaum pipe, will row me to safety (?) among the alligators and scorpions and copperhead snakes…
Or I could wait until 5 and leave through the front door. Yeah, that’s a better plan. I'll do that instead.
Have a nice weekend.

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