Sunday, March 29, 2009

Stirring Image of the Funeral of Four Slain Police Officers

I got this photo off of Melanie Morgan's blog. It shows some of the many police officers who attended the Friday funeral of the four Oakland Police officers who were gunned down last week by a convict on parole.

In a previous post, I excoriated, quite rightfully, the radical black underclass swine who held a party to honor the murderer. They, like murderer Lovelle Mixon, are scum.

However, look at this picture of the officers attending the funeral. A large number of them are black. They are the black heroes of our time who threw their lot in with civilization, order, safe streets and upholding the law. They are our brothers and I thank them for their service.

It could just as easily have been black officers who were shot by that scumbag. I wonder if the underclass racists would have still held a celebration for the perp? Probably so.

Related article: A former New York City Police Officer describes the enormity of the tragedy and also condemns the scum who honored the murderer.

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