Thursday, June 24, 2010

Algerians in Paris Break and Burn Things After US Soccer Win

La Pensee Neoconservatrice, a French blog, describes Algerian antics in Paris after the U.S. soccer team defeated Algeria.  This post, like the last, shows the cultural aggression that occurs when unlimited numbers of Muslims are allowed to immigrate without any requirement to assimilate.

LPN tells the tale (translated into English by Stogie):
Ah, how beautifully integrated they are into France.  When the USA [soccer team] pulled out a win in the last minute (after being refused a perfectly legitimate goal in the first half), fans of the Algerian team took advantage of the defeat to engage in their favorite sport:  rioting!
Modestly referred to as "incidents" by the media, disgruntled fans broke shop windows, overturned cars, defaced buses, burned scooters, and confronted the police...the long, ordinary litany of misdeeds by hateful groups who are incapable of enduring the most minor frustration.
It should be noted that the City of Paris provided these fans with a giant viewing screen in Charlety Stadium.  No thank-you is expected.  France allowed a mass gathering of these fans to watch a match, in spite of their thuggish behavior last November, but wine and sausage gatherings are forbidden in the name of public "security."
Understand that if you can!

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