Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Braying Jackass Known as Rep. Pete Stark

The braying jackass called Pete Stark once again reveals his arrogance and contempt for his own constituents.  Instead of answering questions at a town hall meeting, he instead belittles and insults the questioners.  Pete Stark is the equivalent of a street punk who desperately needs a punch in the mouth.  However, we would settle for simply tossing the bum out in the November elections.

 Of course, Stark is a Democrat.  Naturally, he's a California representative.  Obviously, the man is a horse's ass.

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1 comment:

Stogie said...

I just e-mailed that horse's ass, Stark, and gave him an answer to his ridiculous "how tall will the border fence need to be ?"

answer - "build a border fence one foot tall - then have our troops shoot every sonofabitch that crosses it" .........